2006 Germany Trip: Medals For Glory

Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 28-29

Things are well here, but wet! It has rained most of the morning and into the afternoon. Because of this, we have spend time inside. Some of the team is watching the "Luther" movie and a few guys returned to call and write to their family and friends.

All of us would like to thank family, friends and wives who have been praying for us! To be away from loved ones for any length of time is a challenge.

I was not able to get any pictures of this, but yesterday we were able to play a younger club team. Most here unsaved and under 20 years old. After the game we invited them back to the church for pizza. As we left, we were all very unsure what would happen. After 10 minutes, they entire team showed up! We were able to spend 2 hours talking with them. T. Ardt was able to give his testimony to the entire team and we also sang songs with them! Our prayer is to see some of them back to church this coming Sunday.

Below are pictures of the "documentation center" we were able to visit. It is a building that was started by Hitler. A part of it was rebuilt has as a historical building.

Two pictures of a small town we visited.

Monday, June 26, 2006

June 24-26 (continued)

Pictures of before and after the game. The mayor of the town and others employed by the town were there to start the game.

After the game we were able to minister to the members of the team.
-Kyle Keltner spending time with the little ones.

The first pictures is the outside of a Catholic Church. I am not sure of the name. The picture inside of the church does not do it justice. It has an amazing interior that I am not able to explain! Very few young people put their trust and faith in the church. Because of this, we were given many "negative" looks.

These pictures are two of only dozens that show how much faith is put into objects and idols that the German people pray to and worship.

We gather around to pray and receive literature before heading out.

Some of those that were able to make it to a 2006 World Cup Game.

After Sunday morning, a few were able to go to Oliver Meyers (asst. pastor) house for lunch. Pictures is Oliver and his little girl.

Some Fans. . . And that's all that needs to be said.

June 24-26

Saturday, Sunday and today(Monday) have been very relaxing and much needed. All the guys are doing well, but with the World Championship in Germany, the German people are "much happy" and party most of the night. This makes getting a good night sleep a challenge.

Saturday we were able to play a soccer game (tie 1-1). After the game we had a BBQ and talked to many of the men about the Lord and invited them to church the next day.

Sunday, Dan Macnamera was able to preach to the local church and the Lord used him to speak to many of the church members and the guys on the team. One of the gentlemen that was a visitor at the game came to church! This made us all very excited.

On Monday, we received a special blessing. After street evangelism in Nurnberg, 8 guys were able to purchase tickets to the Holland vs. Portugal game at a reasonable rate.

There are many pictures of us playing soccer and viewing local land marks. While doing street ministry, we do not take pictures. One thing we all learned is to respect the German people, their culture and their religion. Each opportunity we have, we are able to spread the Word of God. Many have been able to give their testimony in the Church and while talking to Germans, Italians, Swedes and Americans.

(pictures to be posted soon)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Continued. . .

All the walls were stone. At most places, the ceiling was 6'4".

Just a few pictures of St. Sebalds.

Friday, June 24

Thank you all for your continual prayers and your support! Things continue to go well here and we are very encouraged by what we were able to accomplish yesterday. In a 1 hour period there were about 20 contacted with the truth in Gods word. It was a great idea to learn about German culture the first few days. Many German people are ashamed of their country. That gives us an opening to explain the love that God does have for them.

We were able to play our first soccer game yesterday. It was more of a "friendly" game against the church team (pictures below).

Also we were able to visit the "Prison in the Hole" dungeon and the St. Sebald Cathedral (pictures below).

Today, Saturday, June 25 we will be playing against the semi pro team- RÃttenbach Sport Club. They are paid players and they are mostly all unsaved.

Again, we would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement as we are here.

They played both anthems before the game.

The few minutes after the game was fun and many jokes were exchanged.

A cell in the dungeon. The men had their feet placed in the holes and all men that entered were there until their death. In this particular dungeon, torture lasted 500 years.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Day 1-4

It has taken some time to get to the internet! I will recap what has taken place the past few days and also post some pictures.

The trip, so far, has gone well. Each person arrived safely. The only thing that did not arrive safe, was our baggage-that arrived 2 days later. We have spent most of our time in "Freie Baptisten-Gemeinde". That is the local church in Erlangen. There we have been taught the history and culture of the German people. Please pray for us at this time. The next 10 days will be filled with travel and street witnessing.

The Chatfield brothers taking the first of many naps.

Our first prayer time as a complete team before we head to Germany.

The Baptist Church where we have spend the first few days.

The team singing in the Wednesday night service.

We were able to watch the USA vs. Ghana game on a big screen.

2 pictures of just a few places we have visited.

More information will be posted soon. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for out trip and for those people we are able to give the Word to!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Baptist Mid Missions
Medals for Glory

On June 18th, 15 athletes will be leaving for Germany to participate in Baptist Mid Missions- Medals For Glory. Please pray for each person as we travel, spread the Gospel and participate in soccer matches.

Please pray for these athletes:

Coach M. Hotchkin
Coach H. Frey
B. Anderson- NBBC Alumni
D. MacNamara- NBBC Alumni
B. Hacker
D. Weinand
D. Netz
J. Netz
J. Barker
J. Woodhall
K. Keltner
N. Chatfield
L. Chatfield
P. Peterson
T. Ardt Jr.